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Harmony CDC's mission is to advance God's presence by strengthening families and revitalizing neighborhoods through community-driven and solution-oriented approaches.


The Harmony Food Pantry, a North Texas Food Bank award-winning agency, provides healthy, nutritional, and quality food to individuals and families in need. Families receive an average of 20 pounds of food for each eligible household member. Targeted families are also being identified to participate in our self-sufficiency program.

Sponsor Opportunities:
$50 per client provides 178 pounds of food for one week
$500 purchases 1785 pounds of healthy food


The Harmony Counseling Center is a biblical-based, Christian Counseling Center offering services to individuals, couples, and families. We also provide enrichment groups related to youth, parenting, grief, anger, divorce, and sexual abuse.

Sponsor Opportunities:

$420 for 6 individual counseling sessions ($70/session)

$900 for 6 individuals in 6 counseling group sessions ($25/individual x 6 group sessions)

Other Sponsor Opportunities:

  • Housing Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Career Pathway Program
  • Financial Pathway Program
  • International Outreach